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With Water U Love, we provide nothing but water in its healthiest state and most beneficial form. Water is absorbed by the body faster than food and ingested to combine with the 90% water present in the human body. What does this tell us? It only shows how important the method of water processing is in the promotion of better health.

Modern science can attest that no diseases survive in an alkaline environment. To support better well-being, Water U Love serves Alkaline Water which offers a variety of health benefits with daily intake. It maintains a certain alkaline pH level which dispels accumulated acidity and toxins caused by years of unhealthy lifestyle and constant intake of water with high acidity.

Water U Love's Alkaline water adds all the nutrients that the Reverse Osmosis process takes out to produce distilled water. Benefit from essential calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals alongside a healthy pH essential to the prevention of diseases and promotion of better health, with Water U Love's Alkaline Water.

With Alkaline Water
You can have more energy

Alkaline Water, also known as 'Medicinal Water' has been proven to boost energy and contribute to longevity since the water particles are in a healthy alkaline pH level and highly oxygenated to replenish and revive cells in the body. This is also known to slow down the aging process.

Recommended for Cancer Patients
and Cancer Prevention

Alkaline Water is considered by experts as a good antioxidant because the oxygenated molecules neutralize free radicals and reduce cancer cell growth. Since water is very alkaline, cancer cell growth is inhibited. Studies prove that no cancer cell thrives in an alkaline environment.


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