Water is Life

Water is one of the most important basic needs of man to stay alive

It is the ultimate source of life -- an essential compound that does wonders to harness life forms. It can serve as a catalyst to bring forth change, and a force to reckon with in massive amounts. Bottom line, it's an essential part of our existence. It serves three main bodily functions: first, transports nutrients to our cells; second, aids in the excretion process to dispel excess nutrients and toxic wastes from cells and organs; and third, it maintains advisable and normal body temperature.

Yet, many do not understand or take part in knowing how the process of water purification is done. Little do we know that the water we wash our dry throats with undergo a long, painstaking process before they arrive in a clear and clean form. While most water refilling stations provide the same consistency, clarity and taste, there is a difference in how each one does the 'filtration' process.

Who We Are

Established in 2004, Water U Love has taken the initiative to spread the word on health and wellness in its own simple way. For 7 years and counting, Water U Love has been providing Alkaline water refilling services and great customer service to its pool of loyal clientele. It has also taken the liberty to provide some additional essential information on how Alkaline Water can make a big difference in one's life, as an affordable and safe way to battle diseases and promote healthier living.

What We Provide

Our water technicians are highly trained and certified to operate our state-of-the-art equipment. Our quality control team conducts a series of assessment tests to ensure that the water delivered to our customers are in the best form expected. Since Water U Love is family-owned, expect to be greeted by the owners when you visit the store.

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